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Choosing your carpet and loving it

Making the final decision in favor of carpet can take a great load off your mind and shoulders. This material not only offers amazing comfort and a truly soft and plush feel, but it also offers an amazing opportunity to truly design from the wonderful appearance selections available. You’ll find stunning color options and beautiful patterns and designs, allowing you to easily match just about any decor you currently have in place. What’s more, it offers benefits that are well worth everything it’s taken to reach this point.

At Westbrook Floor Covering, our 40 years of flooring experience means we can offer you a large selection of high-quality products and services. But it also means we can give you expert advice no matter what your flooring concerns. We take pride also in installing your chosen floor covering and helping you maintain it down through the years as well. You can get your own unique project underway by visiting us at our Westbrook, CT showroom at your convenience, where our flooring specialists will be waiting to assist you. We currently serve the communities of Old Saybrook, Madison, Essex, Old Lyme, Westbrook, and surrounding areas, but we’d love to focus our attention on your needs.

For the carpet you can’t live without

Choosing the perfect carpet for all your many needs can seem like a daunting task. However, once you consider the main points of necessity, you find the job much easier to accomplish. The most important factor is considering the amount of foot traffic in the areas you need floored. For extremely busy areas, you’re going to need something highly durable, resistant to stains and crushing, and something that’s easy to clean. Less activity means you can edge into flooring that isn’t quite so life-proof.

For those discerning homeowners who truly want it all, be sure to ask about carpet that comes with stain protection built into its fibers. This benefit helps to alleviate permanent stains while also making your floors easier to clean and keep clean. What’s more, built-in protection is never washed away by multiple shampoos so you’ll never have to reapply harsh chemicals to your floors. This is very important for those homeowners who have pets and children in the home.

It’s important to remember that professional installation should accompany every carpet purchase. This will assure that the job is done successfully, guarding against premature problems, and also maintains the validity of your warranty. Your flooring specialist will be happy to tell you more.

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