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It’s all possible with hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors give so much to any home they’re installed in, and the amazing length of life span that comes with it allows you to enjoy those benefits for many years to come. You’ll have up to 100 years and beyond to enjoy the outstanding durability, the stunning beauty, and the amazing value it brings to your home. While the installation process does take a bit longer than some floor coverings, it is well worth the time invested, for a variety of reasons. These floors are, without a doubt, to be considered as much an investment as a new floor covering.

Westbrook Floor Covering offers an excellent choice of flooring materials and services as well as expert advice no matter what type of flooring you choose for your home. Our more than 40 years of flooring experience makes it possible for us to take the inside scoop and extend it to you. No matter how large or small your upcoming project is, you can stop by our showroom in Westbrook, CT to discuss it with one of our experienced flooring professionals. We currently serve the areas of Old Saybrook, Madison, Essex, Old Lyme, Westbrook, and surrounding areas. It would be our honored to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

Important hardwood flooring facts

The most important piece of information we can extend to our customers who prefer hardwood flooring is that it can never be installed in a below-grade space, such as basements or basement rooms. The reason is that this material reacts adversely to moisture, dampness, and temperature changes, all of which can be very present in a space like this. If you have below ground rooms, we advise discussing it with your flooring specialist for an excellent alternative material.

Choosing solid hardwood flooring also means you’ll have a specific acclimation period that must be undertaken. This is the period, after delivery of the product to your home, that the material becomes accustomed to your specific circumstances with regard to humidity and more. This acclimation period helps to avoid any chance that your floors will expand, contract, buckle, or crack after installation.

Personalization is absolutely possible with hardwood flooring. You can choose the species of wood that you prefer, granted its characteristics match your specific needs, as well as stain colors and finish types. Certain finishes, such as hand scraped or vintage, can even help to alleviate premature signs of wear and again, such as scratches and scuffs.

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