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Westbrook Floor Covering offers Expertise in Marine Flooring for Boats

Rule number one for marine flooring is safety, safety in terms of slip-prevention, flame retardant and mildew and mold resistant. To meet these basic requirements, flooring manufacturers have developed products that meet safety requirements, as well as design and wearability functions.

What floats your boat—marine flooring 101

Marine flooring must be able to withstand marine and weather elements.The same floor surface needs to meet safety requirements, with an emphasis on reducing slipperiness when wet. Manufacturers have developed marine decking materials that check the boxes for:
  • Reducing slip
  • Comfort underfoot
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Choice of textures, patterns and colors

Look for marine-grade in boat flooring materials

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If the flooring product you’re looking at claims to be made for outdoor or indoor/outdoor applications. Put it down and walk away. The corrosive salt and minerals, humidity and ever-present wetness defeat materials’ term of use, ease of maintenance and attractive appearance, unless the materials are specifically tagged as marine grade. There’s no way around it.

Where a marine carpet looks good while it withstands the assaults of the environment, an outdoor carpet will mildew and the construction will break down. If you use your boat for fishing, a marine-grade vinyl makes an attractive floor that is easy to sluice down and remove evidence of the fishing. Marine vinyl requires a professional installation –our installation team has years of experience installing these applications.
Rubber boat flooring has a more industrial look than carpet or vinyl, but it is a workhorse. Once a marine rubber floor is installed, it can handle anything it is subjected to. A drawback is the limited number of design choices.

Marine flooring for your boat is an investment

Every time you sweep or wash off your boat’s floor, right now or in five years, you’ll appreciate the time you took to select the best flooring. If the time comes and you need to sell your boat, professionally installed marine flooring will add value when setting a price.

Stop by our store in Westbrook, Connecticut or call us today to talk about marine flooring for your boat or yacht.